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Since 2008, I have been hand-carving linoleum printing blocks to create colorful textiles. Each block is illustrated, hand-carved, print-tested, and refined. Each textile piece is hand-printed; some pieces require upwards of four dozen prints to complete the pattern. Then I press, sew, heat set, and package the goods. (Rinse. And Repeat.)

Made with Earth in mind.

I have somehow managed to survive the age of minimalist design, and have come to fully embrace a maximalist aesthetic. More is more. More is better…

Except when it comes to waste. As we all become a little more aware of the needless garbage we produce, using cloth napkins + produce bags begins to make a lot more sense. And as we are awakening to the proliferation of microplastics from acrylic fibers, bringing only natural fibers into our home offers not just an elevated touch, but peace of mind.


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